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Part Seven - Anatomy of DUI Defense in Fulton County, DUI Trials In Fulton County

Posted by Richard Lawson | Jun 21, 2012 | 0 Comments

After your case is investigated, your DUI Lawyer in Fulton County GA may recommend that you take your case to trial. Your trial can be with a judge or jury trial. A trial by judge can happen in both municipal court or in Fulton County State Court. If you elect to have a jury trial, it can only happen in State Court.

The decision to go to trial an in what forum is the most important decision you can make in your case. The State has the burden of proof against you, and you are presumed innocent. If your Fulton County DUI Lawyer believes you have a good case to take to trial that is good news. However, it is your choice and your choice alone to take a case trial or to enter into a plea.

Keep in mind, if you are convicted at trial, you may be facing additional punishment. So, you must take that into the trial consideration. However, if you believe the evidence is favorable, the only way to get complete exonerate is to win your case at trial. So, it's very important to properly evaluate the evidence against you before considering a trial on your case.

Some attorneys are not skilled trial lawyers. As a result, they almost never recommend that a case needs a trial. Those attorneys are considered plea lawyers. That means they don't ever go to trial, no matter what. They are completely ineffective because some cases need to be tried. When a lawyer does not pursue legitimate defenses, he will not be taken seriously.

Ironically, it means that the plea lawyer is actually quite poor at negotiating plea bargains because the prosecutors don't respect them. The prosecutors know that they will not contest their client's case. As a result, there is little motivation to make the best plea offers, such as reductions to reckless driving. So, it's important to hire a skilled Fulton County DUI Trial Lawyer when you are arrested for DUI in Fulton County, even if you never intend to take your case to trial.

Once you elect to have a trial, you may want to hire DUI Expert Witnesses to aid in your defense. Your lawyer cannot testify for you. So, if you have a medical defense, for example, that your lawyer understands, he cannot provide that evidence to the jury. You need to hire an expert to explain to the jury your defense.

Then, after the expert testifies, your Fulton County DUI Lawyer can then argue to the jury how the expert's testimony is relevant to your DUI defense. You will also need to employ the services of a court stenographer (court reporter) to make sure that you can order a transcript of any proceedings. The court reporter is there to keep everyone honest and to make sure the judge does not make improper rulings. If the Judge makes an improper ruling, the court reporter can transcribe the case so that you can appeal the court's decisions to a higher court.

If you are looking to hire an experienced DUI Trial Attorney in Fulton County, contact our office today. We are here 24/7 to help you with your case.

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