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Are you in trouble on a DUI offense? What you do immediately after your arrest can have a significant impact on your case. The first and most urgent step you can take is to contact a College Park DUI lawyer from The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson. We have 20+ years of experience; our lead attorney is a former DUI prosecutor as well as a NHTSA trained field sobriety testing instructor. We offer the highest quality, aggressive and professional DUI defense in the College Park area. It could be of great benefit to you in your case to exercise your right to remain silent, and your right to an attorney - just make your choice the right one. We know the business of DUI defense, and are prepared to evaluate your case for options for your defense. This will require a painstaking review of all the evidence. In an astonishing number of cases, we find serious flaws that we could exploit successfully for the defense.


When you need a DUI attorney, you deserve the best. Our firm is recognized as one of the top DUI defense law firms in the College Park area. We defend those who are facing charges involving a 1st DUI, 2nd DUI, and 3rd DUI. You want the best DUI lawyer fighting for you. Our Fulton County DUI attorney has the experience at trial you want on your side. If you are accused of a DUI involving accidents and serious injury, the situation could not be more dangerous legally. You need quality legal representation immediately. We represent our clients at ALS hearings regarding their legal right to drive. We are very familiar with challenging evidence such as blood & breath tests, and field sobriety tests.

If you are facing charges involving child endangerment related to a DUI offense, you are facing serious legal trouble, and you could be at risk of losing custody of your children, as well as facing a felony offense. You need legal representation that is very qualified to defend such a case getting involved immediately. Our firm represent s individuals who are accused of a crime involving drugs & DUI, and we guide our clients throughout every step of the DUI process. For those who face charges involving DUI under 21, marijuana cases, or a minor in possession of alcohol, we know what to do to help you. If you live outside the state and have been arrested and charged in College Park, we can help and represent many people facing a charge of out of state DUI. You may have questions or concerns about a plea bargain vs. trial, and we can advise you, based upon the evidence in your case.


There are more and more cases our firm represents involving prescription drugs & DUI, and these must be handled by a true legal professional if you hope for success. If you have prior DUI convictions, are accused of any refusals or alleged refusals, were arrested after being stopped at any roadside checkpoints, are worried about the consequences of a suspended license, or are facing charges in a violation of probation in a DUI conviction, we can do it all. For individuals who are accused of vehicular homicide, the consequences of a conviction will include prison time, a felony conviction and permanent damage to your future, as well as the emotional cost of the accusation. You need help at once if you hope to survive this situation without further damage.

Our firm has extensive experience and a long track record of success, and we are prepared to fight for every possible advantage that can be developed in your case, no matter how cut-and-dried it could appear at first glance. We have the experience at trial and in crafting a defense case that is effective you need on your side. Call us today.

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