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Few events can be more stressful than feeling responsible for the death of another as a result of a car accident. Whether the deceased is a stranger or a loved one, the emotions involved are devastating, even when an accident was unavoidable. When police officers investigate a traffic fatality, it is human nature to look for someone to hold responsible for the death. A driver may face vehicular manslaughter charges even though he or she did not cause the accident or violate the law. If the driver had alcohol on his breath, the investigating officer may leap to the conclusion that this was a DUI offense, especially if the driver has a prior DUI conviction on record. In this case the driver's legal situation becomes even more serious as felony vehicular manslaughter charges will be filed. If you are facing a charge of vehicular homicide in connection with DUI It is crucial that you talk to a Fulton County DUI lawyer with extensive experience in handling DUI defense and in fighting vehicular homicide charges.


If you are facing felony vehicular homicide charges, act quickly and contact the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson. Our attorney is well -versed in defending against a wide range of DUI charges, including charges of vehicular homicide, and will immediately take action for you if we take on your defense case. The firm has gathered together respected resources , including experienced accident investigators, accident reconstruction experts, medical experts and others that can be called upon to support our case for your defense. This could be important in defending you successfully. There could be evidence that was overlooked or even ignored by the officer s who originally investigated the accident.

In preparing to defend a client in a vehicular homicide case, every aspect of the accident and the investigation, police methods and procedures used, will be closely scrutinized. This work must begin at once as accident scenes change quickly and evidence is removed or naturally deteriorates. Talk to a DUI lawyer at our firm about your case immediately.

Contact a Fulton County vehicular homicide attorney at our firm to discuss your defense.

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