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As a result of public pressure, legislators in Georgia took action and enacted tougher DUI penalties. From aminor in possession of alcohol to DUI accidents with serious injury, both law enforcement and prosecutors are intent on punishing those who are believed to have been driving drunk. At The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, our attorneys know exactly what it takes to get fair treatment in the justice system, and how to manage a DUI defense. With over 4900 DUI cases resolved in the past, our experienced Roswell DUI lawyer will strive to make the difference for you in your case.

We are exclusively a DUI defense practice firm, and we have a great familiarity with the DUI process and the law. Richard S. Lawson is a former DUI prosecutor and that experience, plus our sole concentration on DUI cases, permits us to predict the strategy a prosecutor may employ to win DUI cases, and the type of evidence that could be challenged successfully. If you or a loved one has been arrested, you want the best DUI lawyer and defense possible.

Even for a 1st DUI conviction, if a blood test demonstrates your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was .08% or higher, a judge will impose a penalty of that includes 10 days in jail. In certain instances, this sentence can be suspended or waived but at least 24 hours must be served. The judge in your case will also place you on probation for 12 months, although you could be credited for time spent in jail. Fines for your conviction run from $300 to $1,000 as well as added court surcharges and assessments that you will be required to pay. Community service is another part of the penalties for a 1st conviction. and the number of hours will depend upon your age and the BAC level in your case. A suspended license, commonly for a period of 1 year, will be an additional part of your sentence which will greatly impact your ability to function for work and the rest of your activities.


Whether it is a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or more DUI conviction, your defense needs to be initiated at once, and we urge you to contact us immediately for a free case evaluation. The sooner we are involved with your case, the better job we can do of protecting your rights and helping you fight back. While many DUI offenses are charged as misdemeanors, specific circumstances can elevate your DUI charge to a felony, resulting in stricter penalties. A DUI that causes severe injury or death to another, a 4th DUI conviction, certain vehicular homicide situations and others can bring about years of imprisonment, fines running into the thousands of dollars and lengthy terms of probation.

How we defend your case will vary according based upon your individual situation, whether you have prior DUI convictions, and the details of your arrest, the police stop and other evidence. It is vital that you do not talk to anyone but your attorney about your case as statements that you make, even though they may appear harmless, can be later be used against you – and they usually are. Exercise your right to remain silent, to protect yourself. Call the firm at once.

In many cases, the resolution of a case will start with a thorough investigation into why and how you were stopped in the first place. Roadside checkpoints are legal but they must adhere to specific guidelines. Our attorneys know to ask pertinent questions such as did your checkpoint have adequate lighting and signage, was each car stopped or were vehicles selected at random and what were the exact conditions in which chemical testing for intoxication were performed.


Field sobriety tests and the accuracy and reliability of breathalyzer or blood tests can frequently be effectively challenged as these tests have known flaws. Richard S. Lawson is a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) field sobriety test instructor course graduate. Our firm knows, therefore, where these tests can be less than reliable or wholly subjective and inaccurate. Similarly, the device used to do breath analysis can be found to be in error. Sometimes, improper machine maintenance or calibration can throw off the accuracy of the reading, and some units are more likely to fail. Additionally, certain illnesses or physical conditions can cause the machine to read on a chemical compound other than ethyl alcohol in a person's system.

Regardless of the facts surrounding your individual situation, there is always a best outcome that can be actively pursued. We defend your case from the initial administration license suspension (ALS hearing), to working to get your charges reduced or dismissed, deciding whether a plea bargain vs. a trial would be best. Let's get started and turn a tough situation into the most favorable conclusion possible.


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