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Most DUI convictions include a term of probation as part of the sentencing - for the lucky ones. A 1st DUI conviction usually includes probation up to 1 year in length. Probation periods for a 2nd DUI or a 3rd DUI can be extensive. The consequences are very serious if an individual who is already on probation is arrested for a new offense, or for not meeting the conditions of the current probation. The judge may require that you serve the full sentence in jail after a violation. Any violation of probation is an urgent situation. You need the assistance of a Fulton County DUI attorney who can take immediate action to help you avoid being taken into custody, or being forced to serve a long term for probation violation and the full term that was avoided when probation was given as part of the sentence.


Probation commonly includes a number of terms such as court ordered alcohol education, fines, community service, all of which must be completed within a specified period of time and refraining from committing any new offense. Failure to comply with any requirement will be a violation of your probation, which leads to an arrest warrant and being taken into custody at any time. If the court is not notified that you have completed a requirement by the deadline, the judge can take this as non-compliance even though it is just a matter of paperwork. Having a probation violation lawyer fighting for you can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.

Richard S. Lawson has focused exclusively on DUI defense and legal matters connected to DUI for over 20 years. It is vital to your freedom that you move immediately to talk to a DUI lawyer at our firm who is committed to protecting client rights, an aggressive defense, and has the skills to fight back for you if you are accused of a probation violation.

Contact a Fulton County probation violation attorney at our firm if you are facing a probation violation in connection with a DUI conviction.

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