Prior DUI Convictions

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Prior DUI Convictions in Fulton County, GA


Many individuals who have previously been convicted of a 1st DUI face a subsequent charge - a very dangerous legal situation. The penalties are greatly increased for those who are considered to be repeat offender s. depending upon the circumstances of your arrest; you could be facing significant jail time and other penalties that will impact you personally and financially. You have already been through the DUI process. And are probably aware of how vital it is that you work with a skilled Fulton County DUI attorney who is fully prepared to aggressively defend your rights and your future. As a former DUI prosecutor, Richard S. Lawson has almost two decades of experience in defending DUI cases.


It is critical that you do not answer police questions other than to give your name and address and provide your license and other documents when asked. The fact that you have a prior conviction for DUI can influence the officer's decision to arrest you. You have the right to remain silent and not answer questions until you have defense counsel present to protect you. You are not legally required to submit to a field sobriety test, but do have to take blood or breath tests on request, or there are serious consequences. Our firm defends clients accused of 2nd DUI and 3rd DUI offenses by examining every aspect of the arrest and processing by law enforcement. Whether you are facing a DUI or drugs & DUI charge, you will need an experienced DUI lawyer to craft your defense strategy, and to fight for any advantage for you.

A prior conviction within 10 years of your current arrest means up to one year in jail, license suspension and heavy fines. If your prior arrest was within the last five years of your 2nd DUI you are subject to a three year suspension, and would not be eligible for a limited use license until one year has passed. Substance abuse treatment will be required, and a minimum of 240 hours of community service. For a 3rd DUI conviction within 10 years you must serve a minimum of 15 days in jail and could be subjected to a sentence of 180 days or longer. A 3rd DUI within 5 years can mean license suspension of 5 years and you must wait 2 years to request a limited driving permit. With the stakes this high, you need an experienced DUI lawyer who is committed to pursuing positive outcome in your case. Call our office for a consultation today.

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