Roadside Checkpoints

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Roadside Checkpoints in Fulton County, GA


If you are stopped at a roadside checkpoint, your license and registration will be requested and you will be asked for your name and address. You are required to provide these documents when asked by an officer to do so. The officer may also ask where you have been, where you are going and if you have been drinking. This conversation will allow the officer time to smell alcohol, to look inside your vehicle for containers of alcohol or drug paraphernalia, and determine if you appear impaired, based on your responses.

You are not required to answer these additional questions and could create problems for yourself if you do. Many drivers are subjected to field sobriety tests or simply arrested for a 1st DUI or a drugs & DUI charge after saying that they have been drinking or have taken medication. To find out how to protect your legal rights, talk to an experienced Fulton County DUI attorney at the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson.


As a former DUI prosecutor, our founding attorney, Richard S. Lawson, has the experience and insight you need on your side if you were arrested and charged after being stopped at a roadside checkpoint. We can inform you of your rights, and the legal restrictions governing the operation of checkpoint, and determine if your rights were violated. For example, the checkpoint must be made public, there must be a valid reason for setting up a checkpoint at that location, and it must be approved by a supervising officer. They must also stop every vehicle, not just select a few to stop. A DUI defense lawyer at our firm takes careful note of the unique aspects of a client's case in order to further investigate and analyze the prosecution's case. This process frequently turns up errors in the roadside checkpoint operation, or by an officer involved which could be effective in reducing charges or getting them dismissed.

Each case is unique, and our legal team is very experienced in reviewing law enforcement procedures and identifying rights violations and flawed evidence with which to challenge the prosecution's evidence. When you speak with a DUI lawyer at our firm you may be surprised to discover that we are able to identify an effective defense strategy for you. We know the law, we know how to fight, and we are prepared to discuss your case immediately.

If you have been arrested at a roadside checkpoint, contact a Fulton County, GA DUI lawyer at our firm right away.

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