DUI Process

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DUI Process


It helps to understand the DUI process. It can be a humiliating and confusing experience to be arrested and charged with a crime. Knowing the process, with the ability to plan and predict the next step can get this serious legal problem under control. We strongly urge you to use the help and advice of a Fulton County DUI attorney early in the process if you, or a loved one, is facing DUI charges. We have helped thousands to be able to resolve their DUI cases and we are ready to help you, as well.

The DUI process begins when you are stopped by police. In order to stop you, the office must have reasonable suspicion that you are impaired, such as an observation of reckless driving. Once stopped, the officer will perform field sobriety tests in order to gain further evidence of impairment. If you were stopped at a DUI checkpoint, and no erratic or impaired driving was observed, the police must establish probable cause in order to arrest you. This is often established by the administration of field sobriety tests. You are not required to submit to these tests under the law. If you are arrested after the stop, you are taken to the police station. Blood and/or breath tests are taken, unless you refuse, which will automatically result in a suspension of your license for one year. The arrest is processed and your court date is given.


When you appear at your court date for the arraignment, you will be formally charged with DUI. This is where you will enter your plea of guilty or not guilty. We encourage you to obtain a knowledgeable attorney well before this step in the process. The trial date is set at the hearing. Any of the legal evidence supporting a not guilty plea, must be filed at or before the arraignment. This is an essential part of protecting your rights. If you are successful, your case may be dismissed or other important advantage gained. If your case proceeds to trial, it may be before a jury or a judge. Our office can advise you on which would be better for your particular circumstances. It is at trial where we will bring expert witnesses as necessary to support your defense. Even if you are found guilty, you can appeal the judgment.

While getting your attorney to work on your defense is best done immediately following arrest, contact a Fulton County, GA DUI lawyer from The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson to assist you at any step in the DUI process and work to improve the outcome.

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