Do I Need a Lawyer?

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Do I Need a Lawyer?


Have you been charged with a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd DUIor a DUI -related offense? Never appear in court or answer questions about a DUI offense without defense counsel present to protect you. If you wonder if you need a lawyer, you do. But not just any lawyer - you need experience on your side. Before you make any decision, talk with a Fulton County DUI lawyer at our firm for an honest analysis of your case and what could be done to help you.


As there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter DUI defense, Every aspect of the traffic stop or roadside checkpoint stop , the officer's conduct, the administration of any field sobriety tests you were subjected to , the arrest procedure , theĀ breath and blood test administration, and the handling the test sample must be closely reviewed to determine if there is any violation of your legal rights, or errors in police procedures. Below are a few of the points that an experienced DUI defense lawyer at our firm will review:

  • Was the stop made on a pretext? In other words, was there actually reasonable cause?
  • Were appropriate procedures followed strictly?
  • Were field sobriety tests and the state mandated tests administered in accordance with standard procedure?
  • If a breath test was administered, was the technician properly trained and the machine properly maintained, calibrated and in good working order?
  • Were any blood or urine samples carefully handled to avoid contamination or was there the possibility that they were confused someone else's sample?
  • If there was an accident, was the other driver actually at fault?
  • If there was an accident and the investigating officer concluded the driver was impaired, could the driver's behavior be caused by the shock of the accident or an injury sustained by the driver?

Our legal team is highly skilled in examining these and other points when analyzing a DUI case. Richard S. Lawson has almost twenty years of legal experience in handling DUI cases in the courtroom and in ALS hearings (Administrative License suspension hearings). It is vital that your rights are fully protected throughout the duration of your case. Consult an experienced DUI lawyer at our firm for a full explanation of the DUI process and learn more about how your rights will be protected. You do need a lawyer - just get the right one on your side. Call us today.

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