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According to Georgia state law, when you obtain a driver's license you have given "implied consent" to be tested for BAC, or blood alcohol concentration when an officer observes sign s of intoxication. These signs include reckless driving, wandering over lanes, improper turning, speeding and other indications. Once stopped, the officer may conduct field sobriety tests in an effort to establish further evidence of impairment. If the officer feels he has enough evidence, you will be arrested and taken for a blood or breath test to test your BAC level.

An experienced Fulton County DUI attorney should be consulted as soon as possible if you have been arrested for DUI and have been tested. Over 20 years in practice on DUI cases exclusively, attorney Richard S. Lawson is skilled in the evaluation of these test procedures and results. He is certified as a Field Sobriety Test Instructor, which gives him particular insight and the ability to recognize faulty procedures and results.


The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson have resolved over 4900 DUI cases. There is a great deal of scientific information regarding breath & blood tests and our office remains up-to-the-minute on the studies being conducted in order to provide our clients the best possible defense. It has been found that when an individual has a fever, the breath testing machine used in Georgia will register a higher BAC level. There are other variables that could also affect the results. Both tests must be administered according to specific procedures and even then, may not always produce accurate results. You can feel confident that our firm will evaluate the evidence for inaccuracies, false readings, testing errors, and other errors in the case for your defense.

For professional legal representation for your DUI case, contact a blood & breath test lawyer in Fulton County, GA at our firm today.

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