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Fulton County is unique in Georgia. It is a county of cities.  There are almost no unincorporated areas.  As a result, if you are charged with a DUI in Fulton County Georgia, your case will likely begin in a Municipal Court.  

That being said, even when a DUI case begins in a Municipal Court, it does not have to be resolved in that court.  You have options, and your top-rated Fulton County DUI Lawyer will help you make the right choice of venue to resolve your case. 

Those venues include the Municpal Courts of each city or the State Court of Fulton County for misdemeanor DUI cases.  Now, some attorneys automatically send their cases immediately to state court, avoiding the municipalities altogether.  To be blunt, this is the lazy way out.  We agree that many times a case should be resolved in the higher court.  However, there is no reason to avoid the city court altogether.  As we say, why not have two bites at the apple?

As a result, we always try to resolve the case favorably in the city court.  If we cannot, then we bind the case over to the State Court of Fulton County.  There is no additional fee to handle the case in both courts, and this gives our clients two opportunities to get a good outcome in their case.  

However, all Felony DUI Cases, such as 4th offense DUI cases, Habitual Violator cases, and cases where someone is either injured or killed must be heard in Fulton County Superior Court.  The municipal court will only be used to set the initial bond in the case, if applicable. 

Our Fulton County DUI Attorneys practice in all of the below listed municipal courts, as well as the higher courts in Fulton County.  Call us 24/7 for immediate legal help. Remember, you have only 30 days to avoid a license suspension

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