Plea Bargain or Trial

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Plea Bargain or Trial?


One benefit of hiring a Fulton County DUI attorney who focuses on DUI defense exclusively is the opportunity for a plea bargain may be possible. Prosecutors typically prefer to seek a conviction on the original charges and ask that the full penalties be imposed. Through investigative work and a thorough understanding of law enforcement procedures, the technical procedures and science involved in field sobriety tests and blood & breath tests our firm may expose weaknesses in the prosecution's case that open the door to a plea bargain. The option of a trial must be evaluated - being acquitted in court could be a viable option, if the evidence is faulty or the prosecution's case weak. The decision whether to go to trial or to accept the plea is yours to make. As a former DUI prosecutor, Richard S. Lawson will discuss this issue with you and assist you to weigh each of your options.


In the 20+ years that our firm has been defending clients charged with DUI offenses we have developed considerable resources. We have access to respected and talented investigators and expert witnesses who could be called upon to support our defense case for you. Our legal team works tirelessly to assess every aspect of a client's case to identify flaws in the evidence and any violations of rights which may have occurred prior to or following the arrest. We fight just as hard to defend a client from a 1st DUI charge as we do in defending a vehicular homicide case. We are ready to go to trial if a client prefers to fight than to plead guilty to a lesser charge.

By investigating and analyzing a case thoroughly, we can tailor a defense strategy which best fits the facts and meets the client's goals. DUI cases especially those involving accidents and serious injury are far too complex for an individual to mount his own defense successfully. A DUI lawyer at our firm has extensive experience in and a track record of success in defending 2nd DUI, 3rd DUI and Drugs & DUI cases. Call our firm for the defense counsel you deserve.

Contact a Fulton County DUI lawyer at our firm to discuss your case, and answer your questions about plea bargain vs. trial.

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