Accidents and Serious Injury

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Accidents and Serious Injury


A DUI of charge is never a minor legal issue. When a car accident occurs, and one of the drivers is charged with DUI, the charges against that driver become much more serious. It is not uncommon for law enforcement to forego further investigation once a driver has been charged with DUI. Under these circumstances, you must find the best Fulton County DUI attorney you can to ensure that you have someone on your side, protecting your rights. The usual misdemeanor charge for a first DUI will be escalated to a felony depending upon the severity of the injuries, as well as based upon the prior criminal record of the driver. A felony conviction could lead to time spent in state prison, significant fines, restitution to the injured, civil lawsuits from victims and other life-altering situations. The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson is dedicated solely to DUI defense cases. The firm has close to 2 decades of experience, resolving over 4, 600 DUI cases.


To protect your rights, it may be necessary to conduct an independent investigation. Our firm works with forensic accident investigators, expert witnesses and former law enforcement officers, if necessary, to ensure that all the facts of the case are uncovered. We will ensure that proper procedures were followed by law enforcement and, if not, will aggressively seek a dismissal of the charges against you. We understand the traumatic experience that this can be for all concerned. Despite the emotions involved, it is necessary for your attorney to aggressively protect your rights, and to ensure that you are not held responsible for acts you are not guilty of committing. You need high quality defense counsel on your side, and our firm should be contacted immediately.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident with serious injury, and charged with DUI, contact a Fulton County DUI lawyer at our firm today.

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