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About Prescription Drugs & DUI Charges


Were you surprised to be arrested for drugs & DUI? Many people think arrests are made only in the case of illegal drug use. A large number of people in Fulton County are on medications for a variety of illness or conditions. These chemicals are prescribed to control allergies, insomnia, blood pressure, depression, anxiety, flu and cold symptoms and a wide variety of other ailments and conditions. These pharmaceuticals could have side-effects that impact a driver's perception and response time. A few may even cause a driver to fall asleep at the wheel which can result inĀ accidents and serious injuries. Even highly trained law enforcement officers are not equipped to evaluate the level of impairment caused by most prescription drugs. If you want to increase your chances of avoiding conviction you should contact our Fulton County DUI lawyer, who has great experience in criminal accusations involving DUI and drugs.


Officers at roadside checkpoints or who make traffic stops rely solely on their own opinion in assessing a driver's impairment from drugs. This leaves plenty of room for errors and possible injustice. The breath and blood tests have only limited use in determining whether the blood alcohol content is less or greater than .08, but they are useless when it comes to assessing whether a driver is seriously affected by a drug. This can act as a handicap for the prosecutor who must show that a driver was impaired in order to gain a conviction. Take effective action to protect your rights and your future by bringing a veteran DUI attorney into your case immediately following your arrest. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to present an effective defense in these cases.

Richard S. Lawson has almost two decades of experience in DUI cases, and our legal team is dedicated solely to DUI defense. A DUI lawyer at our firm can explain the DUI process, answer your questions and evaluate your case.

Do you want to fight a prescription drug & DUI charge? Contact a Fulton County DUI lawyer at our firm.

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